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We service limited amount of Ottawa vehicles and motorcycles in order to keep focus on their specific needs and create the exceptional level of detailing. We also provide specialty detailing for boats, watercrafts, see-dos, bicycles, and other fun things.

Car Detailing

Choose detailing service according to vehicle's needs or build a custom package.


Motorcycle Detailing

Professional motorcycle detailing for your beast. Let's clean, polish, and protect your beauty.


Detailing Gift Card

  • Free Delivery of a Physical Gift Card with Gift Wrapping anywhere in Ottawa

Make a gift for someone who needs it! Whether it is a present for a car enthusiast or a person who needs some love and attention to their vehicle - we've got you!

Applicable to all of our services and customizable packages - gift certificate can be done digitally or physically (with a pick up or free delivery anywhere in Ottawa) to make an awesome gift to give. 

Please, note: monetary gift cards are not taxable, while gift cards for a service (e.g. standard interior detailing) are subject to hst.

No expiry date for monetary value gift cards and 1 year expiry date for service gift cards.

Customers' feedback


Misha is such a professional and extremely talented at his craft. Not only did he carefully review my car and it’s prior condition, but he made sure to only charge me for what was needed to be done. Honesty like that is rare to find!

Jessica Carboni

Ottawa, ON


I am extremely happy with the outcome of the miracles performed! I have an FJ Cruiser that, for the last 3 years, was exposed to insane amounts of dirt & dust while I lived in the Mojave Desert.

Paul C.

Ottawa, ON


I took our car in to be detailed as a surprise to my husband who normally cleans our car. To say we were beyond impressed is an understatement. My husband was literally speechless .

Rebecca Byrnes

Ottawa, ON


Misha is a high level professional. Shared the full process of the ceramic coating treatment. Explained after care process. Took time to answer and questions and did the work and delivered back the vehicle exactly on time and as promised.

Karen Ney

Ottawa, ON

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Detailing Center Ottawa

MP Detailing is locally Ottawa owned auto detailing shop. We provide car detailing services in Ottawa such as car maintenance - variety of auto detailing packages, ceramic coatings, paint correction, paint protective films, detailing supplies and gift cards and so much more!

What is Auto Detailing?

The term "auto detailing" refers to the act (we call it "art"!) of cleaning and polishing a vehicle to make it look like new again. It can be used for anything from exceptional maintenance and removing stains to an extensive process that includes everything from waxing and buffing to cleaning the inside of your car's engine compartment. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days depending on how dirty your car is and what level of detail you're looking for.

What is the difference between an auto detailer and a car wash?

Auto detailing is a much more involved process than a car wash, and it requires specialized tools, products and equipment. We, as professional car detailers, take more time to clean your car than you would at the drive-through car wash. We use our own professional grade tools to wash, wax and polish your vehicle - and often do this by hand (instead of using automated machines). We also use specialized vacuums with soft brush attachments for cleaning upholstery; steam cleaners for removing stubborn dirt from carpets; use sealants and other products that protect against weathering; interior odor eliminators; leather conditioners; glass cleaners that remove stubborn stains from windows...the list goes on!

How much does auto detailing cost?

Auto detailing is a luxury, but it's worth the money. The cost of car detailing depends on the size of your vehicleand what services you want done to it. On average, auto detailing costs $200-$500 per generic maintenance visit and $1,5-2k for corrective or protective services (ceramic coating protections, ppfs, paint correction etc)

Auto detailers at MP Detailing Ottawa are the experts in making your car look like new again

MP Detailing team are the experts in making your car look like new again. Our job is to clean up all of the dirt, grime, grease and other stains that accumulate over time on a vehicle's surface. This includes thourough exterior detailing to make sure that the clear coat of your vehicle looks as new as possible. We also take care of interior detailing by vacuuming carpets and applying special solutions designed to remove stains caused by food spills or pet accidents (don't ask us how - we know what to do) and so much more!

Your best detailing in Ottawa

Auto detailing is a process that takes your car from looking like it's just been washed at the car wash to looking like it's brand new. It involves multiple steps, including cleaning the inside of your car and exterior work. The best part is that you don't have to do any of it yourself! Professionals at MP Detailing center will be happy to service you, your vehicle and take care of everything for you so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy watching our magic work on your vehicle. Let the cargasms happen!

For car exterior detailing we offer car detail wash, paint decontamination, cleaning engine bay, rims wash and decontamination. After your vehicle has been washed, we can apply wax, sealant or ceramic spray.

At MP Detailing we do Interior car cleaning such as leather cleaning, salt removal, pet hair removal, ozone treatment, headliner cleaning, carpet extraction and more. Vehicles with swirls and scratches please stop by for a free quote on car polish.

MP Detailing is Nanolex ceramic coating certified, we offer different length ceramic coatings, we do ceramic coating windows, ceramic coating rims faces, ceramic coating headlight.

If you are looking for car detailing services and people who are passionate about detailing cars, please stop by at one of the best Ottawa car detailing shops!