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Exterior Detailing

that doesn't add scrathes & swirls while actually removing the dirt

Importance of Proper Exterior Detailing

Drive-through brush carwashes often damage vehicle's clear coat leaving an enormous amount of scratches and swirls. Touchless carwashes are better however often are uncapable of removing static dirt while applying unnecessary wax sealing the grimes.

Only the proper hand wash combined with the customized set of tools and chemicals can ensure the best exterior service that will maintain the longevity of the protective layers and keep your baby shining.

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Standard Exterior Detailing

Professional hand wash that ensures ALL the static dirt is removed and NO new scratches or swirls are added. Personalized attention to the details of your car is ensured with the help of most valuable tools - human hands and time (10 times longer than the automatic carwash)

► Vehicle will be washed using 2 bucket method with grit guards

► Rims faces, tires wash and clean

► Vehicle will be dried with plush and dense microfiber towels

► Gloss or mate plastic and tire dressing will be applied

It is strongly recommended to professionally hand wash vehicle every 2 to 3 weeks but up to 1 to 3 month interval. Of course, time between regular washes can vary depending on how often the vehicle is driven, in what weather conditions and if it’s a city, highway or country drive. Rain, dust, morning mist, salt in winter months, bugs during warm months, tree sap, birds droppings and other factors with time will have an effect on a look and a clear coat of a vehicle.

$125.00 - 1-2 hours.

►Wax $35

►Sealant $55

►Ceramic Spray $75

►Glass Treatment / Rain Repellent $85

►Engine Bay Detail $150

►Head Light Restoration $150

Advanced Exterior Detailing

Advanced Exterior Detailing is the most detailed attentive hand wash that combines thorough decontamination with the help of multiple-step products application and the usage of professional tools. As a result we not only make your vehicle's surface a visibly clean and shiny, but we also remove all the road tar, iron fallouts and tree sap.

► 15 stage wash using 2 bucket method with grit guards. Bug and tar remover, iron fallout remover treatments. Clay bar treatment if necessary

► Wheel wells detailed cleaning, full rims cleaning including iron out and tar out. Door seals and rubbers cleaned and protected

► Vehicle will be dried using air cannon, plush and dense microfiber towels

► Ceramic spray. Gloss or matte plastic and tire dressing

We recommend to be done every 6 months or at least once a year to maintain the good condition of the clear coat.

$250.00 - 4-6 hours.

► Ceramic Spray (included)

► Glass Treatment / Rain Repellent $85

► Engine Bay Detail $150

► Head Light Restoration $150

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Tools & Supplies

we use

Exterior Auto Detailing in Ottawa

A clean and well-maintained car is the key to its long service life. Each auto owner has their own ways of car care: someone outsources its to a professional car detailer, someone likes a regular drive-through car wash, and there are those who cope with it on their own. Today we will understand the main differences between detailing and a regular car wash.

So what is detailing? First of all, detailing care involves a deeper and more thorough cleaning of the vehicle, paying special attention to small and hard-to-reach details. Compared to it, a standard car wash is more superficial.

High-quality professional detailing involves the use of special auto chemicals, professional tools, and techniques/skills.

A regular drive-through wash ends already in the first phase: you leave with an underdone car, with the drops of water flow, and when you go outside, dust and dirt begin to stick. There is not much sense in such a "car wash" except for a quick rinse and go.

All premium washing services must be carried out using professional tools: microfiber towels for drying the vehicle, waffle microfiber rags, artificial suede towels for cleaning openings, etc. In an regular car wash, all cars are washed with one rag, at best they are changed once a month. And in the detailing studio, a few of individual clothes are used for each car.