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Interior Detailing

let's make it shine

Importance of Proper Interior Detailing

Professional interior detailing services save your time and efforts by ensuring the right tools, space, and products are used. In most cases busy car owners do not have the time, the effort, and the tools to do the proper cleaning. Camping, children, pets, active lifestyle - it all happens in our everyday routine and sometimes leaves something more than just memories in our cars. We are here to make sure you enjoy every minute in your vehicle while living the best out of it.

Interior detailing guarantees that inside of your vehicle is clean to look, to feel, and to breathe. It removes debris, sand, and dust even in hard-to-reach places. This is a proven way to refresh the interior and to make it shine with cleanliness and freshness again.

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Standard Interior Detailing

Standard Interior Detailing option is a basic solution for a refreshing the interior of your car. Make it a bit more advanced by adding a customized upgrade to suit your needs. Our detailing experts are ready to build the package that will ensure the maximum results at the best investment.

► Full vacuuming (including trunk)

► Steam cleaning of seats (includes small stains removal)

► Air vents cleaned with compressed air

► Wipe Down Center Console; Door Panels; Wipe Windows

► Interior surfaces dressed

Every 2-3 months. Regular interior detailing maintains the inside of our vehicles and the wellbeing of the driver and their passengers (what we breathe is important!)

$165.00 - 2-3 hours.

► Leather/Textile Sealant $150

► Seats Shampoo $150 - heavy stains removal, may required an on-site assessment

► Salt Removal $125 - recommended for salt deposits removal, ideal for after winter interior detail

► Pet Hair Removal $100 - highy necessary option for pet lovers and people with allergies to ensure the most tedious clean of pet hair

► Ozone Treatment $85 - life saver for the unexpected smell removal

Advanced Interior Detailing

Advanced Interior Detailing Package is the best solution for two types of vehicles. First of all, it would be a perfect option for an extremely heavy duty cleaning and a thorough interior refresh. This package already includes a series of the most popular add-ons to make sure you get the best value out of the service.

Secondly, advanced interior detailing is our bestseller amongst car owners that have the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Meticulous attention to detail and high expectations towards a proper interior detailing allow us to create a next level of interior detailing experience.

► In-depth meticuluos cleaning with maximum attention to detail. Full vacuum (including trunk). Air vents steam clean

► Seats and floor shampoo and extraction; Salt & stain removal; Head liner cleaned; Ozone Treatment; Pet Hair Removal (if required)

► In-Depth cleaning of dash & console. Door panels/door jambs seals cleaned. Seat belts. Windows

► Seats: Fabrics or Leather Conditioning. Interior surfaces dressed

Advanced Detailing is recommended if no interior detailing was done during one year plus. Any kind of unfortunate accidents, memorable trips or unexpected surprises are the reasons to choose Advanced Detailing package too. In all other cases, advanced interior detailing needs to be completed as necessary with the typical recommendation of every 12-18 months span. Condition of interior will be close if not the same as it was brand new.

$450.0 - 6-8 hours. Requires onsite assessment for the final price and timeline.

► Seats Shampoo; Salt Removal; Pet Hair Removal; Ozone Treatment - included

► Leather/Textile Sealant $150

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Tools & Supplies

we use

Arsenal to successfully perform interior detailing consists of different brushes, sponges and
applicators, various kinds of microfiber towels and most importantly series of essential professional tools. Vacuum with multiple attachments, steamer, compressor with air gun, carpet extractor, ozone machine are all power tools that we use for our interior detailing.

For our chemicals we use Canadian and European made products that are always chosen in the best combination to every specific vehicle. We carry more than 30 products to ensure the most personalized approach for each of our customers.

Interior Detailing in Ottawa

Interior Detailing in Ottawa 

Interior detailing is popular with Ottawa car owners and is absolutely necessary for a professional cleaning of the car interior from stains, dirt, and odors. It is guaranteed to remove debris, sand, and dust even in hard-to-reach places. Detailing is a proven way to refresh the interior of your vehicle - let your car shine with cleanliness and freshness!

Auto experts recommend interior car detailing at least once a year to maintain the best out of your vehicle. If you not only do not refer to professional detailers but also do not clean it yourself at all, the seat upholstery and leather inserts begin to fade, lose their color, and become clogged with ingrained dirt. The material becomes rough, frayed and torn.

Thorough cleaning of the car interior is not a whim, but an urgent need. It is no secret that over time, everything, even the most expensive and resistant materials, become contaminated. Spots, streaks and dust cannot be completely eliminated with improvised means. Upholstery and seats lose their fresh appearance over time, an unpleasant odor may appear. Even cautious lifestyle and regular diy cleaning will not save your interior from contaminants invisible to the eye. They accumulate, creating a breeding ground for the development of pathogenic bacteria. Timely comprehensive interior car detailing is an indispensable mean of combating any dirt, as well as microorganisms and allergens hazardous to health.

How to choose the right car detailer?

Ask your detailer what kind of light they are using in order to ensure the maximum thoroughness. Our detailing team wears professional and extremely bright headlight while performing the interior detailing in order to provide the best service to our clients. 

High efficiency and environmental safety of interior detailing should be the main criteria when choosing a detailing studio that provides services of this kind. In no case should the main criterion be taken as a low cost of services: cheap means poor quality, and often saving on interior detailing is dangerous to health. 

What chemicals are used for interior car detailing?

The comfort of travel, mood, even the well-being of passengers, and the driver depends on the cleanliness of car interior. Dirt, unpleasant odors, stains can spoil the impression, reduce the attractiveness of any vehicle. Interior car detailing is the elimination of dirt, grime, return of cleanliness, and original appearance. If the car owner intends to sell the vehicle, interior detailing has high chances in increasing its value. The professional procedure is carried out using special equipment, high-quality detergents, and cleaning products that do not cause allergies, are absolutely safe for people, animals, and the environment. After its implementation, any stains, dirt, unpleasant odors, dust, pet hair, and other contaminants are eliminated at their best if not completely.

How much interior detailing cost in Ottawa?

The cost of interior detailing depends on the complexity and nature of the dirt, the type of materials, and their degree of wear, cleaning method, brand of car, and some other factors. The average interior detailing cost in Ottawa varies between $150-450 in different detailing studios.

MP Detailing offers transparent pricing and immediate quotes. Feel free to reach out to us - we would be happy to help!

What are possible adds on for interior detailing?

Leather/Textile Sealant

Seats Shampoo

Salt Removal 

Pet Hair Removal

Ozone Treatment