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Detailing Packages

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Detailing Packages

The maintnance washes are crucail part in maintaining the integrity of your initial treatment. The ongoing washes include all the processes necessary to maintain the longevity of the protective layers. They also prevent any further damage to your vehicle's paint finish, such as scratches and scrapes.

Standard Detailing Package

Price: $250

Duration: 6-8 hours.


Advanced Detailing Package

Price: $695

Duration: 1-2 days



Car Detailing Ottawa - Auto Detailing 

What is car detailing?

Auto detailing is the practice of cleaning your car to a level beyond what you'd do at home. It's a thorough procedure that cleans every surface of your car and usually includes both the exterior and interior. Exterior auto detailing involves cleaning the entire body of your car, including windows, tires and rims, doorjambs and various body crevices. Interior auto detailing typically involves cleaning the seats, carpeting, dashboard and other surfaces inside the vehicle. We offer Car/Auto Detailing Services in Ottawa for all types of vehicles - stop by our shop!

Is car detailing worth the money?

Auto detailing can improve the quality of your car's interior.

How? See below:
• Removes dirt, dust and stains.
• Restores the original color.
• Restores the original texture.
• Removes odors.
• Removes pet hair from seats, carpets, headliners and door panels of your car.
• Gets rid of stains from food or drinks that have been spilled on any surface inside your car's interior over time such as coffee spills on seats, soda spills on carpets or red wine drips on door panels.

Your car's interior will be better protected - let's talk about vehicle detailing more in depth

When you choose to have your car detailed, it will be cleaner and safer. The interior of your vehicle will be better protected from UV rays and other environmental factors that can damage the seats, dashboard and carpeting.

Your interior is more likely to look new longer when it's been professionally cleaned. This may not seem like a big deal when you're driving around town on the regular, but once you've settled into a routine of having a car detailing professional come by every month or two (or even just once per year), you'll start noticing how much better everything looks than before—and how much more quickly those stains start coming back after they were removed!

Car Detailing can help your car retain its value

It's important to keep in mind that a detailed car is more appealing to buyers. A well-detailed car will also sell faster, which means you can get your money back on the vehicle you've owned and loved for so long. A detail can help your car retain its value, so after you sell it, you won't have lost any money on the trade-in.

A clean, shiny car goes a long way toward making you feel good

The fourth and final benefit of car detailing is that it makes you feel good. We all know that a clean car smells better, is more comfortable to drive and easier to sell than an old, dirty jalopy. But there’s something else at work here: when your car looks great, it makes you feel good about yourself and your ability to take care of things. And anything that improves our self-esteem tends to make us happier people!

Professional Auto Detailing in Ottawa - from MP Detailing Center!

You know that the longer you keep a car, the more value it will retain. That's why we recommend regular maintenance and auto detailing for all of our clients. We offer a variety of detailing packages and an extensive choice of possible upgrades to satisfy any vehicle's need.

Auto detailing can help your vehicle last longer, too! With proper automotive detailing done by professionals, you have less to worry about when it comes to rust or corrosion on your vehicle's bodywork, as well as a cleaner interior that won't collect dust as easily as before.

With a clean car (or truck), you'll be able to enjoy a smoother ride every time you get behind the wheel—and who doesn't want that?