Ceramic Coating

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Importance of Paint Protection

All application packages require atleast single step of paint correction. This serves to remove swirling and scratching, as well as surface preparation for coating application but many cars require further correction to bring the paint surface up to the quality standards of MP Detailing Ottawa.

We are approved detailer of Nanolex products.  Nanolex Car Care was founded in Mandelbachtal, Germany, in 2007 with the idea of producing an effective range of car care products of outstanding quality, for both the enthusiast and professional customer alike, with worldwide availability. Nanolex believe in the importance of being a reliable source for chemicals and related knowledge and we strive to achieve this with constant researching, developing and optimizing their portfolio. All Nanolex Car Care products are developed, tested and produced in Germany according to highest industry standards. 

Ceramic Coating Packages

3 years Ceramic Coating + Paint Correction

► Advanced Exterior Package + clay bar treatment

► 1 step paint corection

► Nanolex 3 year coating

Starting at $850 for sedan

$1150 for trucks, vans, SUV

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5 years Ceramic Coating + Paint Correction

► Advanced Exterior Package + clay bar treatment

► 1 step paint corection

► Nanolex 5 year coating

Starting at $1150 for sedan

$1350 for trucks, vans, SUV

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Ceramic Coatings

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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating on your vehicle

If you have ever wondered if ceramic coating is right for your vehicle, this guide will help clear up any questions you may have. We’ll look at the benefits of having a professionally-installed ceramic coating treatment on your car and how it can protect against common types of clear coat damages. We’ll also discuss some of the differences between DIY ceramic coatings vs professional ones (and why professional ones are more effective).

What is car ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a hard, durable coating that's applied to your vehicle's paint. Think of it like a clear coat for the paint. Ceramic coating can last up to five years and provides protection against oxidation, UV rays and everyday wear-and-tear.

Ceramic coatings are polymer-based coatings applied to the surface of your vehicle. The material is clear, transparent and creates an extremely hard protective layer on top of your paint. The coating improves the gloss, depth and clarity of your existing paint finish while also providing UV protection. It makes cleaning easier because water beads up on it so you don't have to use harsh chemicals or soap for light cleaning jobs like rinsing off bird droppings or tar spots.

If you want your car looking brand new for longer than just the summer months, this might be something worth considering. But what exactly does ceramic coating do? What are the benefits? And how do you get it done? To find out more about this exciting new technology, we've broken down all the information into easy-to-understand chunks below.

Benefits of ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings on your car are a great way to keep your vehicle protected from the elements. Ceramic coating is a durable, versatile and affordable way to protect your paint job. Ceramic coating can be applied to almost any surface, including:

  • Paint
  • Chrome trim (the trim around windows)
  • Moldings (plastic strips that cover holes where screws go into your car's body panels)

With ceramic coating, you can expect a durable, hard-wearing barrier that protects your car against water, dirt and other contaminants. The process also provides protection against sun damage and other environmental factors.

Ceramic coating helps prevent common types of paint damage as well as general wear and tear. This means that your car will last much longer than it would without this kind of protection.

A professional ceramic coating will provide long-term protection. A proper installation by an experienced technician can last at least five years with the proper maintenance.

A proper installation by an experienced detailer can last at least five years with the proper maintenance. A professional application will provide the best results and longest lifespan for your vehicle's ceramic coating.

Typically, the coating will last a minimum of three to five years if properly maintained. Professional maintenance may include washing your car regularly with a high-quality shampoo and a soft sponge or microfiber cloth followed by rinsing it off under running water.

DIY ceramic coatings vs professional ceramic coatings

There are two main differences between DIY ceramic coatings and professional ceramic coatings. Firstly, the durability: DIY ceramic coatings tend to be less durable than their professional counterparts due to their lower quality. Secondly, the effectiveness of preventing water from sticking to your vehicle's paintwork is also significantly lower with DIY treatments. Finally—and most importantly—DIY ceramic coatings don't last as long as professionally applied ones.

Paint Protection basics

A ceramic coating is a protective layer that's applied to the surface of your vehicle.

Ceramic coatings are made up of silicon dioxide in a glass-like matrix. When applied correctly, this solid film creates an invisible shield that provides protection from abrasions, chemicals and UV rays.

The best way to understand how ceramic coating works is by breaking down its composition: silicon dioxide is a very hard substances (it is used in things like glass). Silicon dioxide forms when sand is heated up at extremely high temperatures—in fact, it's one of the hardest known materials on Earth!

You might have thought about getting ceramic coating for your car before, but you don’t know what it actually means or how it will impact your vehicle. Ceramic coating is a protective layer that can be applied to the exterior of a car in order to protect the paint of a vehicle. This helps keep your vehicle looking like new for longer. If you want to add a layer of protection without spending too much money, then this is an option for you.

Paint and ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is a clear protective coating that will not change the color of your vehicle, affect its glossiness or shine. If you enjoy being able to use your vehicle as it was intended without worrying about scratches and swirl marks from contaminants such as dirt, water spots and bug splatter, ceramic coating is definitely for you. The durability of ceramic coatings have been proven time and time again by many car enthusiasts who have been using this product for years.

Ceramic coating will protect your paint job from those nasty contaminants that can easily ruin a beautiful paint job. When applied correctly, ceramic coatings will last up to five years before needing reapplication depending on what type of climate zone you live in.

Environmental factors and ceramic coating

Ceramic coating can protect your car's paint from sun damage and environmental factors, which means it can also help prevent common types of paint damage.

In addition to protecting against the sun's harmful rays, ceramic coating protects your car from road salt and other chemicals that are found in the air.

Road salt is very corrosive and will eat away at your vehicle’s exterior over time. Salt is especially damaging when it sits on a vehicle for an extended period of time, as it will eventually cause rusting and corrosion.