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Inside Out Detailing Gift Set

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Looking for a gift for a car enthusiast, a nice set of supplies for yourself or an addition to your detailing routine? We proudly offer the same products that we use on a daily basis and do delivery all over Ottawa area. Made in Canada supplies that will clean and protect exterior and interior of your vehicle.

Gift Set includes Pink Car (car wash & wax), Tire & Vinyl Dressing, Rim Glow, LVP cleaner, Interior Dressing, 3 x microfiber cloths and gift wrapping.

Pink Car Wash & Wax is a high foam formulation that removes all dirt, dust, and grime from your vehicle. This product is a water-based solution, which is safe for the exterior of your car. High concentrate formula that leaves the exterior of your car shining like new. Leaves a showroom car finish. Scented with a Bubble Gum fragrance!

Tire & Vinyl Dressing is a silicone-based product that conditions, protects, and shines. This product can be used on tires, rubber, vinyl, and plastic. Leaves, a fine glossy finish and is highly durable. Scented with a cherry fragrance.

Rim Glow is a non-acidic formulation that cleans all brake dust, dirt, rust, grime, and grease. Rim Glow safely cleans your wheels without damaging the delicate surface. It is a unique formulation that cleans wheels and tires with ease.

LVP (Leather, Vinyl, Plastic Cleaner) is a cleaner for all delicate leather, vinyl, and plastics surfaces. Cleans all dirt, grease, grime, and oil from surfaces with a simple spray and wipe.

Interior Dressing cleans, protects and shines the inside of your car. Ideal for dashboards, moldings, vinyl roofing, and good for leather. It leaves a new look and helps prevent drying, and cracking. Silicone-based product that can be concentrated. Simple to use and easy to apply with just one quick spray. Adds a protection from dust particles.

Free Delivery in Ottawa area - 1-2 days.

Courier Delivery across Canada - flat fee $20.

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Pink car (car wash and wax): Simply dilute 2-5 ounces of Pink Car Wash & Wax soap into 5-gallon wash bucket. For added foam and slick washing power, add 2-5 ounces of Pink Car Wash & Wax in any foam gun or foam cannon. Once the soap is applied to the exterior of the vehicle via washing mitt or foam gun, thoroughly rinse off or pressure wash solution from the top down. Once solution is completely washed off then dry with a heavy microfiber cloth, dry towel, or leather chamois and you’re all set for a clean finish.

Tire and Vinyl Dressing: First clean surface first with a multi-purpose cleaner or degreaser to remove all dirt, grease, and grime. Then dry down the surface as much as possible. Spray product directly on the surface or onto a cloth or applicator pad. Spread evenly on the surface, wipe dry for a matte finish or let dry for a gloss finish. Adjust spray trigger for a mist finish. DO NOT DILUTE product with water.

Rim Glow: Apply to cool wheel surface. Spray product onto wheels or tires. Allow the product to sit for 1 min then scrub or agitate the surface with a soft brush. Then power wash or hose off solution until the residue is removed. For heavy wheel contamination repeat steps.

LVP: Spray and wipe onto leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces with a microfiber towel. Rub or use a gentle brush to remove all contaminants. Then use clean microfiber to wipe off excess product. Leaves a clean finish and leather scent behind.

Interior Dressing: Simply spray product directly on application area of your vehicle and spread or wipe down using a microfiber cloth, applicator pad, or rag. For best results make sure surface is clean or is wiped or washed off before application. For interior use make sure surface is clean of dirt and dust before applying product. Slick shine and protection that leaves a fresh scent behind!