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Optimal Exterior Detailing Set

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A perfect blend of Canadian and German made products that will make sure that exterior of your vehicle is well maintained and protected.

Gift Set includes Gentle Snow Foam, Magic Wheel Cleaner, Ceramic Shield, Tire & Vinyl Dressing, 3 x microfiber cloths and gift wrapping.

The high foaming, pH neutral cleaning foam with a unique cherry fragrance can be used as a Snow Foam for pre-washing when applied using a foam gun or foam sprayer, and as a shampoo for manual car washing. Gentle Snow Foam develops an even, well moistened foam blanket that sticks to the entire surface, thereby allowing a long application time. Due to its pH neutral formula, it does not corrode waxed or sealed surfaces.

Magic Wheel Cleaner is our powerful, viscous, acid-free rim cleaner that provides innovative performance to mildly and thoroughly clean rims and rim wells. Its reactive component dissolves iron particles with characteristic red discolouration. Special dispersing agents gently remove stubborn dirt from surfaces. The viscous setting ensures that the sprayed-on Magic Wheel Cleaner adheres excellently to the surface. Dirt remains bound and the cleaner does not dry up, even after an extended application time.

Ceramic Shield is a easy sprayable paint protection that is a binding polymer monomer technology. Ceramic Shield provides a long-lasting shine, brilliant hydrophobic properties, paint slickness, and UV protection. Ceramic Shield can be applied dry or wet. Provides 2-3 months of protection. Can be used on top of ceramic coated and uncoated surfaces.

Tire & Vinyl Dressing is a silicone-based product that conditions, protects, and shines. This product can be used on tires, rubber, vinyl, and plastic. Leaves, a fine glossy finish and is highly durable. Scented with a cherry fragrance.

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Gentle Snow Foam: Pour 20 ml in to 1L for foam cannon. Pour 50 ml into 10L bucket to wash vehicle with wash mitt

Magic Wheel Cleaner: Do not use on a hot surface or in direct sunlight. Shake well, spray on a rim, allow 2-5 minutes to take effect. Rinse thoroughly using high-pressure spray.

Ceramic Shield: Wash vehicle thoroughly and make sure it is free of all dirt, grease, and grime. Spray product directly on surface or onto a microfiber cloth. Spread evenly onto the surface with a microfiber towel and then buff for a high shine with dry side of the towel. Best to apply product when vehicle is dry and recommended to use a high pile microfiber towel.

Tire and Vinyl Dressing: First clean surface first with a multi-purpose cleaner or degreaser to remove all dirt, grease, and grime. Then dry down the surface as much as possible. Spray product directly on the surface or onto a cloth or applicator pad. Spread evenly on the surface, wipe dry for a matte finish or let dry for a gloss finish. Adjust spray trigger for a mist finish. DO NOT DILUTE product with water.