Maintenance of your vehicle

At MP Detailing Center we believe in offering the most professional level of service regardless of the work scope: whether it is a regular interior cleaning as a basic package, or an extensive detailed advanced option with multiple hours of attention. Your vehicle needs maintenance and our space, skills, and tools are ready to provide you with the highest standard of practice.

Exterior Detailing

We offer a complete range of exterior car detailing services including preparation, rinsing, drying, pre-treatment, cleaning, polishing, protection, surface cleaning and decontamination etc.

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Interior Detailing

We execute superior interior detailing services in Ottawa by providing in-depth cleaning of all interior parts and surfaces of the vehicle including leather, plastic, vinyl, carbon fiber plastics, and natural fibers.

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Our detailing packages include both interior and exterior services to combine the exceptional attention to detail and superior professionalism. We execute detailing services in Ottawa and beyond.

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We offer exterior detailing options, interior detailing services, and detailing packages. Within each option you will find a ready-built solution to fit your needs and investment and possible upgrades that will allow you to create a customized service specifically for your car. Not sure what exactly you need? Give us a call or stop by - we will provide you with a complimentary assessment.

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Car Maintenance - Ottawa Car Detailing

Professional vs home detailing

Professional auto detailing is the process of cleaning a car inside and out to the highest possible standard. It involves washing, waxing, and protecting the surfaces in your vehicle with a sealant or coating. The professional detailer will also remove bugs and tar from your paint job that you could never get off yourself. Our team consists of highly-skilled professional detailers that operate in our own detailing shop in Ottawa!

Professional auto detailing can be expensive, but it's worth it for several reasons:

  • You shouldn't have to spend hours scrubbing at stains or removing dirt from your automotive upholstery just so you can drive around town looking good. Professional detailers know how important appearance is in today's world of social media—they'll make sure that everything looks like new!
  • You should know what chemicals are being used on your car when someone else cares for it instead of doing it yourself. A professional will use environmentally-friendly products that won't harm any part of your vehicle while they clean it; they'll also inform customers if there are any issues with their vehicle before proceeding with service.

Detailing is just plain fun when someone else does it!

You don't have to worry about getting your hands dirty and you can focus on other things while the detailer works. The detailer is an expert in the field, so they know what they are doing. You also save money by not having to buy tools and products yourself—you can save even more money because a good detailer can be efficient with their time. Lastly, you get a more thorough clean than at home because of all the little spots that might otherwise be missed.

Auto Detail

Car detailing is a smart step to take with your vehicle, and the benefits are many! Auto detailing is the art of cleaning, restoring and enhancing the appearance of your vehicle. It's a thorough procedure that cleans every surface of your car . While you can certainly do this yourself, it's easier for professionals who have all of the tools at their disposal. Plus, they can use special products that may not be available to consumers.

Do I need professional car detailing services?

Auto detailing is the art of cleaning, restoring and enhancing the appearance of your vehicle. It's a thorough procedure that cleans every surface of your car and usually includes both the exterior and interior. Exterior auto detailing involves cleaning the entire body of your car, including windows, tires and rims, doorjambs and various body crevices. Interior auto detailing typically involves cleaning the seats, carpeting, dashboard and other surfaces inside the vehicle.

Auto detailing can help you keep your car looking new for years to come. When done regularly (at least once every two months), it will help prevent damage caused by dirt buildup or fading from exposure to UV light rays from sunlight—two things that can make a car look older than it is!

Regular auto detailing can help extend your car's life by maintaining its paintwork, interior components and headlights. Detailing can also help preserve resale value. Most importantly auto detailing results in a cleaner, more pleasant car for you to drive.